Renovate First. Sell for More. Pay at Closing.

How our pre-sale renovation, repair and staging program — powered by industry leader Curbio — can lift your home to a new level, to help it sell for more

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty has partnered with Curbio — the leading home-improvement technology company in the United States — to help our sellers get their homes ready to sell at higher prices and for higher homeowner profits.

Curbio leads the charge on pre-sale staging, repairs and renovations — which have led to a homeowner profit of $50,000, on average, after each sale. Our program, powered by Curbio, is the tech-powered, turnkey approach that helps get your home to market faster than you working with contractors and tradespeople on your own. The program takes care of all of that — so that you can make more profit, faster.

What’s more, every renovation, repair and staging cost is completely deferred until the home is sold: There are no up-front costs. The renovations, repairs and staging are paid for at the closing. The only thing to do is profit from using our special partnership with Curbio.

What can you expect?

Our pre-sale program, powered by Curbio, is a true concierge service that not only defers all the costs for repairs, renovations and staging until the home is sold but also handles all the details — from proposal to punch list — transforming homes into the move-in condition buyers want while maximizing the value for our sellers.

Prompt service

Expect the estimate in 1 day, the fixed-price total proposal in 2 days and the project launch in 3 days. What's more, Curbio projects are delivered 65 percent faster than with traditional contractors.

No up-front costs

All improvement costs are deferred until closing. No interest charges, no credit checks, no hidden fees.

Valuable results

On average, homes updated using Curbio sell 50 percent faster and for a homeowner profit of $50,000!

What Curbio can do: Some case studies

Explore this Lake Oswego refresh in Oregon. You’ll see an amazing transformation! The home, below, sold in just five days after a quick lift to the interior surfaces. Curbio removed the popcorn ceiling texture, added fresh lighting fixtures throughout and painted the interior to brighten everything up. Small changes, big rewards: The homeowner made almost $34,000 extra.

Explore this bright and brilliant update. Curbio arranged a fresh exterior paint job for this Pittsburgh-area home, completing the entire project in just 17 days. A palette of aqua and white with coral accents brought the 1920s home to life, making it idyllic and much more memorable for potential buyers.

Like with all things related to homes, neighborhoods, luxury and lifestyles, talk to your Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty agent about all the possibilities — whether you are selling or buying or both. You couldn’t be in better hands.

Agents: Please contact for any questions about the Curbio process. An e-mail will not result in an estimate: You must use the Curbio web-based app.