Why Staging Matters


S E L L E R ' S G U I D E

Buyers will picture themselves living in your home if it is staged simply and effectively.

CREATE A FOCAL POINT. Each room should have one piece of furniture as its focus, which also clearly defines the function of the space. Think: sofa, table, desk, bed.

DEPERSONALIZE. Pack away personal items, such as family photographs and mementoes, so that your home will appeal to the widest range of buyers possible.

STAY NEUTRAL. When it comes to details such as paint colors and furniture styles, use neutral tones. Your goal is to appeal to the most buyers rather than showcase any trends or specific design styles.

DECLUTTER. Don’t make buyers struggle to see your home’s spaces. Pare down wherever possible, and invest in simple storage solutions that will allow you to stash your belongings while making the closets look bigger.

LET THE SUNSHINE IN. After a great location, great light is the next thing buyers say they want in a home. Maximize the light in your home. How? Open the drapes, clean the windows, change dark lampshades for lighter ones, increase the wattage of light bulbs (always follow manufacturers' maximums) and trim down any tall bushes outside, to let in the sunshine. A bright and cheery home is more sellable.

FIX THAT FAUCET. Little repairs can make a big difference. Make sure appliances are all in good working order. Fix loose knobs, squeaking doors and stuck windows. Properly seal and/or paint any stained ceilings or banged-up trim.

ADD HOMEY TOUCHES. Scented candles or fresh flowers will add a warm and welcoming feel to the home. Toss a cream-colored throw onto a sofa. Put fresh white linens on all the beds. Put fresh apples in a big bowl in the kitchen.